Would you like to undertake the Full Spiritual Exercises?

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We get asked by many What are the Spiritual Exercises? The short answer is that St Ignatius wrote a manual of four weeks for giving the Spiritual Exercises out of his own experiences. This is the basis of the rich tradition of Ignatian Spirituality.

The Exercises can be received as the 19th Annotation (Retreat in Daily Life over 30-36 weeks) or 20th Annotation (30-day retreat). Not many of us have the luxury of taking 30 days out of our already busy lives but we surely can find an hour or so per week for the 19th Annotation.

We have a number of student interns and recent graduates who are currently available to Give the Spiritual Exercises.


What would be required from you?

– A commitment to daily prayer time (of approximately 1 hour)

– Daily Examen, which is prayed at the conclusion of each day.

– To meet once per week with a Spiritual Director (Giver of the Exercises)

If you are interested, please email us at enquiries@jcs.edu.au the following information:


Contact details (phone/email):

Short Biography/Why do you want to do the Exercises?:


Open to Spiritual Direction via video conference (e.g. skype) and/or in person: