Identity, Vocation and Mission

Identity, Vocation and Mission
Starts from:Sun, July 26, 2020
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175 Royal Parade,Parkville,Victoria,Australia

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  • MODE OF STUDY This unit is available online only.
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DS9299J – this unit is available online only

In this unit, students will explore how the three interconnected elements of Ignatian spirituality — identity, vocation and mission — play out in their lives.  Students will be guided to address such fundamental questions as: Who am I before God? What are my deepest desires? With whom am I called to be? Where do I belong? What am I called to do? How am I generative in my life? Answers to these questions will be informed by the Christian vision of the world rooted in the experience and writings of the sixteenth-century Basque saint, Ignatius of Loyola. He documents his encounter with God in these writings particularly in the Spiritual Exercises. The dynamic of the Spiritual Exercises will be used as a template for spiritual growth.


Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. analyse use of the graces prayed for in the four “Weeks” of the Spiritual Exercises as a guiding matrix;
  2. describe the Ignatian understanding of the interplay between imagination, desire and mission;
  3. outline the development of a discerned sense of missional identity as informed by prayer and spiritual conversation;
  4. synthesise their lived experience with the identity, vocation, mission dynamic of the Spiritual Exercises.


Deborah Kent


Semester 2, 2020




Jesuit College of Spirituality, 175 Royal Parade, Parkville VIC 3052


For academic credit                       $2,640

Not for academic credit                $1,320


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