Monty Williams: The Dynamics of Desire in the Spiritual Exercises

Event Description

Monty Williams SJ, Revd Dr Michael Smith SJ, Kevin Gallagher

5 day intensive

Saint Ignatius went to great pains to draw the best out of the early Jesuits by helping them to discover for themselves what they most deeply desired. He assumed that the most effective and energetic Jesuits would be those who could generate their own zeal. Ignatius wanted Jesuits imbued with deep and holy desires. But what is desire? Where is desire located? What is its source? What does it lead to? In what direction does it lead and where will it carry the person who is desiring if it is followed? This five-day intensive will introduce participants to an analysis of desire in the Spiritual Exercises with a focus on desire that is centred on the person of Christ in a postmodern context.

JCS Unit: The Weeks of the Spiritual Exercises Code: DS9108F